Of what’s to come

Alright, so what’s up homies? The abusement  park is about to be open for business. I’m about to start something I’ve always wanted to do. I am going to attempt to start reviewing albums that I dig that have recently came out. As of now, the agenda is to do a mixture of my top 15 albums from 2015 as well as whatever I’m currently digging this year. Now with a name like abusement park I’m planning on doing only albums by the heavier bands I’m digging (so this means there will most likely not be a weezer review).

I’m doing this for a creative outlet and something to just clear my head, and get my opinion out there. I suck at writing and typing so this will be interesting. I’m going to ask you all nicely to not make fun of glaring grammatical errors.

Once again I’m planning on only doing the ones I really like (as well as ones I  own), this means 90% positive reviews. I’m not going to waste my time talking about releases I dislike (for now).

Here’s what is on the agenda:

  • Vattnet Viskar- Settler (2015)
  • Lycus- Chasms (2016)
  • Chthe’ilist- Le Dernier Crepuscule (2016)

Expect to see these sooner than later, and maybe somebody will actually read them, as well as, pretend to care!

Thank you all



Of what’s to come

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