With legs of Fire

Vattnet-Viskar-Settler-608x608Vattnet Viskar- Settler

This album starts out with the lyric of “It’s hard to imagine what this place was like”. I would match this statement with, it’s hard to imagine what 2015 would have been like without this album being a part of it. The first single from this album was the title track “Settler” and I found that song to be a very satisfying. The sound of it picked up right where Vattnet Viskar left off with their previous album Sky Swallower, but with a little more to offer. The best thing about this album was that with each song they released as a single they just kept getting better with each one. Once I had taken in the full package I was left blown away by how they completely outdid their last effort (which was fantastic in it’s own right). Everything was stepped up on Settler, the drums were bigger, and the lyrics were better. The guitar work on this release had been stepped up as well with some lead parts that were laced in at just the right places. The riffs are fantastic and very well used. They hit hard when they need to and set the atmosphere of the album. The vocals are  powerful and much more audible than other black metal acts, which really works for the album, so that the  lyrics can be heard (hats off to you Nicholas Thornbury). The real standout though, is the drums on this album. Seamus Menihane absolutely obliterates the skins. The opening track “Dawnlands” starts out with ferocious drumming that doesn’t really stop until the final song is finished. The drums of course know when to step back when need be but are the foundation of the album. However with that said the band members really compliment each other and all shine through.  The overall structure of the album is fantastic, when listening to Settler all the way through it flows very nicely. When it takes a relatively slower pace with the song “yearn” it responds with a punch in the face with “impact” (which has a very fitting name). Each track has its own feel but they all fit together so nicely.  The lyrics leave you with an impression at the end. When looking at the album cover which is based off of a picture of Christina McAuliffe, a member of the space shuttle challenger, the listener cannot help but be taken on an emotional journey. The song “impact” is about the events that happened involving the challenger and the song definitely gets the emotion across musically and lyrically. The album also has a perfect closer with “cold war”. The song manages to be impactful and tie up all lose ends, as well as have a hint of every song from the album in it.

These guys have improved leaps and bounds since their self-titled EP and are shooting for the stars. Absolutely go see these guys live. Legend has it that there has never been a bad Vattnet Viskar show.

As a whole I have to give the album a 10/10 it just has the whole package and was my album of the year for 2015.

-REH 01010111 01000101

Check out the song “colony” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj6uslZXK_s

With legs of Fire

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