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fohFull of Hell- Amber Mote in the Black Vault

Alright so I’m diverting from the original review schedule but so what?

So much like this EP I’m just going to jump right into it. Side A of this bad boy starts with “Halogen Bulb” which sounds like what I imagine it would feel like, to be a gremlin fed after midnight. If this song was a living being it would tear your house apart. As quickly as it comes, it goes just as quickly. However have no fear because “Amber Mote” comes in with the same intensity. In my opinion though the best part of that song is when the band relatively calms down and finds a really nice groove, pretty sweet riffage involved. Side A is a real non-stop ripper. Side B has various flavors to offer. “Barb and Sap” knocks the front door open and kicks you in the teeth (a reoccurring theme from this EP). However Full of Hell put the noise part of their sound into this one. Which really spices things up. What I would consider a bonus treat on side B is the final track “oven”, which is a melvins cover. The cover stays fairly true to the original but what I love about it is, it’s a very solid track and its very clearly Full of Hell covering the melvins. Nobody would mistake it as a cover from any other band. This really goes to show how this band truly has their own sound and are fully aware on how to showcase it.

I have no idea what exactly an Amber Mote in a Black Vault is, but I highly recommend this Ep. As well as wearing protective gear when listening to this and moving all breakable objects from the room. The EP is short and hella good dude. I would give it 5 out of 5.


Released on  Bad Teeth Recordings check it out here:

Numb your mind

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