Chronicles of Ezkaton

awaiting ez                                                       Awaiting Ezkaton- Chronicle (2014)

Awaiting Ezkaton describe themselves as a “five-piece Extreme Metal band from Arkansas”. Now this leaves them a bit ambiguous with the umbrella term that is extreme metal, so for the sake of this review I’m going to describe them as a progressive/melodic death metal with some technical influences. If I had to compare this band to another band I would say they are a less technical Beyond Creation (take that description lightly people tend to disagree with my comparisons).I’ll let you hear Awaiting Ezkaton for yourself at the end of this thing so you can make your own comparisons!

Chronicle is Awaiting Ezkaton’s first and only album as of now. The album starts out with the intro track “Chronicle” which goes straight into the song “Destroyer”. The build up from the intro track is pretty sweet and “Destroyer” hits pretty hard. My only complaint about this is a small one. There is a slight pause between the two tracks that makes the transition from “Chronicle” to “Destroyer” not entirely seamless, this isn’t a huge deal but I have to bring it up because it would make “Destroyer” hit just that much harder. Anyway, back to the positives, “Destroyer” is a great show case of what this band can do so it’s an A+ first song. The song really grooves which is the one thing  Awaiting Ezkaton does best. It also shows the usage of the two harsh vocals, switching from deep and guttural to the higher harsher vocals. The differing vocal styles add interesting textures to the songs. In the very next song “Ensombered” there are some “Clean” vocals used that are very nice as well. They almost add a little dissonance to the track. Then the fourth track “windchaser” gets a little weird in a good way. It starts out with the sound of a storm and what sounds like bongos. Very interesting shift in sound in the album. The build up in this song is also done very nicely with impressive guitar work that leads into some pretty sick riffage. I love it when a band isn’t afraid to get a little weird. Now to go with the sick opener the album has a gnarly closer as well entitled “Immolation”. This track is probably my favorite I don’t have a really good reason as to why it is other than that it’s just super gnarly! It almost gives me a Black Dahlia Murder vibe (be sure to check it out at the end and tell me why you disagree).

The album as a whole has pretty sick riffage throughout it. Awaiting Ezkaton does their thing for nine tracks total, and as a whole Chronicle is a really cohesive album.  I would say this is a very well done first effort by this band and they are bringing their own sound to the Arkansas metal scene. Also for a little insight I just so happen to know that these guys are in the earliest stages of writing the follow up, so if you like what you hear there is more to come!

Favorite tracks: Chronicle/Destroyer, Windchaser, Legion, Immolation

Check it out Immolation here:

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Also I promise the review for Lycus- Chasms is coming next!

Chronicles of Ezkaton

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