This Wretched Body

chasms_1500                                                                        Lycus- Chasms

I’ll start out by saying this album is my favorite of the year so far. It was also the first new release of 2016 that I picked up. Luckily the dudes in Lycus did not leave me disappointed. I got turned on to these guys just as soon Relapse Records mentioned that they picked up a doom band from Oakland, California. Since doom is one of my favorite genres I went and checked out Lycus immediately. At this point they had a demo out and their first full length Tempest which was put out by 20 buck spin. There second release offers funeral doom even more solid than there first LP, and Tempest is a solid album in it’s own right. If I remember correctly when the band would mention a as yet unnamed Chasms they referred to it as “Tempest Junior” or something along those lines. Chasms will not be living in the shadow of Tempest, because Chasms is a grown man that has his own agenda to offer the world.

This album is absolutely massive, I mean a real titanic album that does not crash, but leaves the listener with a sinking feeling. However as dark and depressing as this album is at the end of it you cannot help but feel uplifted by the journey it takes you on.They leave a light on for you along the way like some kind of scary ass motel 6.

With the addition of a second guitarist and a cellist Lycus have the ability to bring even more sounds to the table, especially the cello which is weaved into some amazing spots especially the end of the title track. This album even  has it’s black metal moments which really brings a lot to the atmosphere. The drums hit hard, great guttural vocals, the lyrics are incredibly well written, and leave you devoid of hope. With four songs at about 44 mintues there is plenty packed into this thing. Also the rug that really ties the room together for this one is the incredible artwork provided by Paolo Girardi. The entire package is here folks, great art visually and musically.

FFO: Ahab and Bellwitch

Be sure to check out their first album Tempest as well it has plenty to offer and the song “Engravings” still wrecks my speakers on a regular basis.

Its hard to pick which song to showcase but I’ll have to go with the last song “Obsidian Eyes” check it out here:


This Wretched Body

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