Nothing Remains, Take it Away.

spirit adrift                                                       Spirit Adrift- Behind – Beyond (2016)

Spirit Adrift seemingly came out of nowhere this year. Mike Scheidt of Yob shared them on Facebook so I instantly checked them out.  Not much is known about Spirit Adrift, their facebook page doesn’t offer much other than that they are on Prosthetic Records, and a simple genre tag of “Pyschedelic doom”. However, if you dig into Behind – Beyond, it goes beyond such a simple tag.

This EP only features two songs “Specter of Ruin” and “Perpetual Passage”. These two songs are really two sides of the coin. “Specter of Ruin” starts out slow with a simple but yet effective guitar lick. It’s the build up to what’s to come. When the heavier guitar starts the transition is seamless. The vocals for this song come in with the simple lyrics “Nothing Remains, take it away”. I instantly dug this song as soon as the vocals hit. For this particular song the vocals are reminiscent of something from Warning’s Watching from a Distance, or Pallbearer’s Sorrow & Extinction. This song is crafted very well, and you can connect with the musicians and feel where they are coming from. There is also a brighter spot in this track at about the 7 minute mark, that signals a mood change. This is once again very well done. I imagine if this song were to be performed live this is the part that would without a doubt win the crowd over if they had not been won over already. “Specter of Ruin” is the simpler of the two tracks on this EP, but Simple is not a bad thing. “Perpetual Passage” starts out in a similar sense but jumps into the vocals much quicker with very interesting and well written lyrics. The words for this release are credited to Anonymous, well Anonymous if you see this fantastic job on the lyrics to “Perpetual Passage”. Now at the 3:40 mark if you’re a fan of riffs you’re in for a treat. I’ve seen where this band has been compared to Neurosis, this is where that comparison comes from. This song provides a totally different flavor than “Specter of Ruin”. It offers rougher vocals and heavier riffs. My personal favorite part of this song  comes at about the 11 minute mark where the tempo speeds up and the band starts grooving, and then slow back down. My word’s will not accurately describes this section but it’s sicker than the dude on the board game operation. The whole EP is sicker than the dude on the board game operation.

Behind – Beyond is fantastically done it only has two songs but shows two sides of a band. Spirit Adrift are capable of having emotionally driven atmospheric songs, as well as sick riffs and just absolute heaviness. If I’m not mistaken this band will be releasing a full length sooner than later. If that is the case I will be getting it, and cannot wait to see what else this band is capable of. Until then I urge you to check this EP out its one of my favorite surprises of the year and a seriously good debut.

Good on Prosthetic Records for finding this band, I believe they picked up a steal.


Check it out here:

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Nothing Remains, Take it Away.

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