Lurking in Shadows

final state                                               Putrisect/Scorched – Final State of Existence

Two bands for the price of fun. Both of these bands are relatively young guns, which is why the title is the lyrics “Lurking in shadows”. That is what both of these bands are currently doing right now, but if they continue putting out quality releases like this one they won’t be for much longer.  Putrisect are from Baltimore and have two other releases. Chaos Awaits released on Cricket Cemetery records in 2014, and another split with  Interment and Funebrarum that came out earlier this year. Scorched are from Delaware and have a Demo tape out on Unspeakable Axe records in 2015, as well as a four way split with Homewrecker, Gatecreeper, and Outer Heaven coming out later this year on Meltov Records (which sounds dank af they should just call it the fat riff split).

This split release obviously has no shortage of fat riffs if it’s being reviewed by us. The first half of this split is the 3 songs by Putrisect. I really liked their previous release Chaos Awaits, and when I heard these guys would be working with Scorched I got super stoked for this split. I personally think this material is Putrisect’s best so far. Their Facebook page says “we like real death metal” which is certainly what they have created here. Fantastic intro track with “Blasphemous Reprisal”, it has everything one would like in a death metal song with the creepy intro and riffs/drums that hit hard. The second song “Final Cleansing” is my favorite out of Putrisects’s half of the split. I feel like it offers the sickest riffs of their three songs. For a new band I think these guys are coming into their own niche of the old school death metal inspired music that is around here lately, and I look forward for more new music from them.

The Scorched side of this split is straight up ridiculous though. When I listened to their demo last year I was completely blown away by it. It single handedly turned me on Unspeakable Axe Records, as well as the horror movie “The Burning”. The music is slightly different than what was on their demo, but certainly not in a bad way. It starts out much like their demo with what I would call a horror movie theme with “Impending Demise”. This intro leads into “Lust for Strangulation”, which will instantly show those familiar with the demo that this band has changed their sound ever so slightly. The song is super groovy and will have you wrecking your house in a matter of seconds if you aren’t careful. We are also treated with an excellent closer to this split with “Visceral Ascension”.One cannot mess with the riff that starts at about the 2 minute mark, it’s just nasty. Also guitar solos are never a bad thing in metal, and there is one in this song which is followed by some more nasty riffs and pinch squeals.  The scorched tracks will give you a taste of what it would feel like to live out the events that take place in a horror movie. These songs are what Freddy Krueger probably blasts inside the boiler room to get him pumped up before getting inside some peoples dreams. I love these songs!

I personally really  enjoy split albums because you get killer tracks from multiple bands that each give you unique flavors. They also usually end up turning you onto a new band you may not have been familiar with previously. Check this out if you like old school death metal both of these bands are carrying the torch, and doing a damn good job at it.


This will release digitally on April 22nd, but if you order the cd it will end up in your mailbox asap!

Check it out here:

P.S. Check out Unspeakable Axe Records in general they are absolutely killing it this year!

Lurking in Shadows

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