Sleeves Not Required

bloodletter ep                                                            Bloodletter-Bloodletter (EP-2016)

What we have on the slab today is some really solid thrash metal by a band called Bloodletter from Chicago, Illinois. This self-titled EP is their most recent offering to the world and third EP to come out since their 2012 demo. I feel that this is their best work yet.

This EP has seven tracks of solid thrash, solid riffs, and solid headbanging material. The opening track “Butcher the Living” is an intro track full of haunting sounds, basslines, riffs, and kick drums. It serves as an excellent segue for “Blood Bible” which is a fantastic track that is almost reminiscent of Slayer. After making this connection it comes as no surprise that Bloodletter have Slayer down as an influence.  The first three tracks on this bad boy play no games and are very strong start. “Murder Suicide” is probably my second favorite track. It has everything one would want in a thrash song. It has a way of being catchy and all about messing stuff up, as well as hellish things. I honestly see myself memorizing the lyrics to it by the time I’m done writing this review. The next standout track is track five “Into Oblivion.” This track is very melodic and is in a way a shift in style for the rest of the EP, because the rest of the tracks are very melodic as well. The last two tracks “Condemned” and “Feast On the Dead,” are excellent closers to this EP. “Condemned” is another segue, but this one leads into the best track “Feast on the Dead.” The song has all the good riffs, the horrific imagery, and that sick solo. It’s also a nice bookend for the album since it’s lyrics revisit the intro track “Butcher the Living.”

Bloodletters self-titled EP is a very fun, very well done release. I recommend this to fans of thrash, or people who want to hear what thrash sounds like. I personally think the best way to listen to this is by dawning a sleeveless t-shirt, and loading up all the beer koozies (that’s right I said all of them). Luckily Bloodletter actually have shirts and beer koozies for sale so you can blast this EP and rock the gear at the same time.

Also be on the look out for a CD release of this, and those in the Midwest keep your eyes and ears open for some shows from these guys!


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*Disclaimer* Abusement Park and Bloodletter are not responsible for damages to property or spontaneous removal of shirt sleeves.

Sleeves Not Required

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