Look What They’ve Done to Me


Athamé- High Priestess (2016)

An athamé is a double-edged dagger used in traditional witchcraft rituals. In a sense the name of this band tells the listener exactly what they will get. Athamé are a two-piece female band from Denver, Colorado. Athamé is Kelly on guitar/vocals and Megan on drums/vocals. They play a haunting style of death/doom metal with some black metal and grind weaved in as well. So with a double-edge attack by the women in this band and the occult themes  contained within, the listener will certainly know what Athamé are about.

High Priestess is their debut full length and as far as I know this is their only release, and it’s a good one. Athamé understand what makes good death doom and the listener will hear that with the opener, as well as title track “High Priestess.” The second track “Black Sacrament” is among our favorites for its elements of black metal that are contained within it, it’s also the longest song on the album. There is also not a lack of riffs on this release which is what will make a great death/doom band. You will hear this early on with “Mask of Satan” and “Nebula Lights” the latter of which is very doomy and is probably our personal favorite. Then the track “Grim” lives up to its name, showing some grind elements. This release is nine tracks long and by the fifth track the listener will hear all the different sounds that Athamé are capable of, and be sure to stay for the rest. As a new band I personally love to hear a band that is capable of many different sounds it shows a band that will be capable of growth as they progress as a band and can offer many things to the music world. The final track “Bloodbath” is incredible with an opening riff that could be listened to on its own on repeat. High Priestess is great from start to finish and I recommend fans of heavy music to check out this young band that is full of potential. There are tons of awesome bands coming from Colorado lately and Athamé are one of them.

High Priestess is out on AnvilEater records digitally and expect a tape release mid-may also out on AnvilEater records (we will definitely be picking one of those up).

Also be sure to check out some of the other bands on AnvilEater, they are quickly becoming one of our go to labels for grind and doom.


Check it out here: https://anvileaterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/high-priestess

Drop Athamé a like here: https://www.facebook.com/Athame303/info/?qsefr=1&tab=page_info

Also be sure to drop us a like to keep up with what we are up to at the Abusement Park: https://www.facebook.com/abusementparkblog/?fref=ts

Look What They’ve Done to Me

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