Awaken in a hexahedron

nucleaus sentient                                                            Nucleus- Sentient (2016)

I’ll just come out and say it early on, Sentient by Nucleus is one of my favorite releases of the year so far. I would not be surprised in the slightest to see this end up on my year end list, and I’m not afraid to say that early on. If you are a fan of  literature, science fiction,  old school death metal, and riffs you need to hear this album.

Sentient starts out with an intro also entitled “Sentient” this intro could be thought of as a launch sequence. It builds up until the listener is thrown into the track “Dosadi” which shows all the funky riffage that nucleus are capable of right of the bat. These are not your run of the mill death metal riffs, they are out worldly and many have been comparing them to Demilich.  I personally would agree with that comparison. The next track is the Dan Simmons inspired “Cantos” which has more funky riffs as well as bass work. One thing I cannot rave about enough on this release is how raw it sounds without losing any of the musicianship. The riffs are at the forefront, while intricate bass is heard throughout the album, so one can hear the work of Ryan Reynolds (no not THAT Ryan Reynolds). Then the drums on this album are there adding punctuation marks with each riff. While I feel that Pat O’Hara has some serious chops (as well as some really awesome chops on his face) he manages to sit back be impressive and tie this whole thing together. Nucleus as a band are really tight and just make this album incredibly solid. So three tracks in and this album has already blown me away. Have no fear this album has its Billy Mays moments because you better believe there is more. “Cube” is a ripper of a track with a really rad funky solo as well as being a personal favorite along with “Dosadi.” Sentient also has some relatively slower tracks like “Insurgent” and “Ancient” one of which would certainly please the titan of the deep.  If in space nobody can hear you scream, hopefully you can hear Nucleus, because I know I will be hearing them for awhile.

Nucleus are from Chicago, Illinois have two other EP’s The Colony and Hegemony. It should come to no surprise that Sentient was put out on Unspeakable Axe records, one would be hard-pressed to find a label having a better year than them. Nucleus also join the ranks of being a bad ass band with their own album cover done by Dan Seagrave, which looks incredible as always. Also be on the look out for more Nucleus sooner than later because their thank you list hints at a future release. The same thank you list also mentions several science fiction writers you should check out if you aren’t familiar withthem already so you can see what inspired a lot of these songs.


Check it out here:

Nucleus are here:

Awaken in a hexahedron

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