Four bands for the price of fun

4 wayGatecreeper/Homewrecker/Outer Heaven/Scorched- 4-way split AKA The Fat Riff split

(This was originally written back in June in order to hype the digital release for this as well as the vinyl pre-order. Since Unspeakable Axe Records are releasing this on CD we are putting this out there again. Seriously go get this it should be illegal to not like a song on this split)

Today I woke up happier than usual and it wasn’t because I had to be at work at 6am, or because it was Marilyn Monroe’s 90th birthday. It was 100 percent because it’s the first day of June, which means we are now within the month that the heaviest split of the year officially releases. I honestly cannot be more hyped to get my record in the mail.

The first track on this fatal 4-way is Gatecreeper’s  “Carved into Stone”. If anybody wants to know why I refer to this release as the fat riff split, you will know as soon as this song plays. This track is ridiculous and is probably tied for my favorite Gatecreeper song (I really enjoy their song overdose from the first EP as well). This is one of those tracks that just grooves and has to be played loud. It makes you want to tear stuff up and move around a bit. Just like every band on this split Gatecreeper gets better all the time. If you listen to their back catalogue you will have a great time and clearly see that for yourself. This song should be able to tide you over until their first full length comes out as well. I have been promised that it’s full of GED riffs, which I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I can’t wait to find out.

Next up is Homewrecker with “Perpetrators of Annihilation” which is another great song. If this song is played loud enough do not be surprised if your home does indeed become wrecked. This is another groovy song that will get you hyped up. This is also a different sounding Homewrecker that’s moving forward into even more of a death metal sound in my opinion. It’s way different than what would be heard on the first LP Worms & Dirt, and continuing more with the sound of Circle of Death. The great thing about this track is that after it hypes you up and once you’ve already started punching holes into your walls, there is a nice melodic section for the last 3  minutes of the song. The really great thing about that section is it will chill you out and make you think about what you’ve done.

The next track belongs to doomy death metal compadres Outer Heaven. Outer Heaven released one of my favorite albums last year, Diabolus Vobiscum which is also worth a listen. The track on this split is “Death Worship” which is a pummeling track. The first riff is a down tuned death metal riff that will rattle your bones.  Jon Kunz is a riff machine and this track shows it. Also if vocals could punch somebody in the face I would not be surprised to find out that Austin Haines had that super power. Outer Heaven have a more raw sound when compared to the other bands on this split, and they know how to work that type of sound.

The final of the four bands, is a band previously featured on Abusement Park for being on a gnarly split, so please welcome back Scorched. This is hands down the best Scorched song to come out, “Autopsy Incomplete” is what one would want out of death metal. There are riffs, squeals, a cool solo, and awesome drumming.  Scorched have away of making songs sound like the best intro music that would be featured on the weirdest slasher movie you can find at a garage sale.  This can definitely be heard in “Autopsy Incomplete.” Scorched have also recently said they recorded an even better version of this for their full length. The one take away from that is even more Scorched soon and I cannot wait.

So just in case you still aren’t convinced you need to own this and listen to it, here are a few more reasons why.

  1. Gatecreeper, Homewrecker, Outer Heaven, and Scorched
  2. Four bands and four songs for the price of fun
  3. Fat riffs
  4. Death metal
  5. Matt Izzi is on it twice

This is coming out on vinyl through Melotov Records and CD on Unspeakable Axe Records.

Order the vinyl here:

Order the cd here:

All of these bands except Outer Heaven have confirmed new music very soon, so be on the look out for those.



Four bands for the price of fun

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