Plague of Carcosa

CoverPlague of Carcosa- The Color Out of Space

Plague of Carcosa are something very different than what I normally listen to and talk about on here. I’ll be completely honest when I received this I had no idea what in the world to inspect, but I was drawn in by the album art. I’ll also be completely honest again and say that after listening to this, this type of music is not normally my normal cup of tea. However it is very good to be taken a bit out of ones normal comfort zone, which is exactly what Plague of Carcosa have done with The Color Out of Space.

This release consists of three tracks of droning noise. The first track “And the Beast Shall Inherit the Earth” is very much experimental. It’s expansive noise that drones on and will lead the way for the next track “Yithian Ruins” which readers of Lovecraft might recognize from the story “The Shadow Out of Time”. “Yithian Ruins” I think is the best track on here it offers very interesting sounds and atmosphere all through out. It is also the first of the tracks to offer some light drumming which really adds to the landscape that is being created. While I was listening to this I couldn’t help but wonder what some of this would sound like if some vocals were added to the mix. The listener will get a taste of this with the bonus track “The Rains of Castamere” made popular from the show Game of Thrones. This track features the distorted guitar sound but has added growled vocals from the bassist of Tower of Silence. It is a very nice renedition of the Game of Thrones anthem. I also wouldn’t mind hearing a bit of that used as another instrument in the drone music I think that would create some interesting sounds.

The Color Out of Space is massive down tuned drone metal with noise elements that will take a listener out of their comfort zone while simultaneously allow them to zone out and be taken by the massive sounds produced. I find The Color Out of Space is enjoyed best at loud volumes. Plague of Carcosa have done a fantastic job at doing something unique as a solo project from Chicago. I highly recommend this for fans of Sunn.


Stream/download The Color Out of Space here:

Plague of Carcosa

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