Demos and Singles

I have recently came across a whole bunch of great demos lately that have me excited for some new bands. I have also heard two singles for two different bands putting out new albums later this year that I cannot wait to hear.

The first band I want to talk about is an atmospheric black metal band called Embra they are from Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is already full of amazing bands so it should come to no surprise that this band would come from there. This demo features two songs titled “I” and “II” very simple names for not so simple songs. “I” features a build up that goes into some pummeling riffs which is exactly what I look for in atmospheric black metal. “II” is more straight forward but just as good with a really melodic middle section. I find this demo to be fantastic. The vocals come out quite nicely and the demo has really good production with the rawness everybody likes to have in their black metal. Embra released this in July and from here on out will be focusing their efforts on a full length. (available for pay your own price as well)

embra demo                                                               Embra – Demo 2016

This next bit is for a single by a band that some of you may have become familiar with last year when Absolution came out, that’s right the new Khemmis song “Candlelight”. Upon first listen I heard exactly what I was anticipating, heavy riffs, triumphant vocals and guitar harmonies. The vocals have been stepped up ever so slightly and sound more crisp than on the previous release. Then I heard the harsh vocals used in this song which are much different than the ones used on the last album. This sounds like some straight up funeral doom type stuff that would be used by Lycus or Usnea. I absolutely love them in this song as if vocalist Ben and Phil are battling it out (assuming that its one of them doing the deep growls). The song ends with a great doom guitar solo and a return to the clean triumphant vocals. I love this song and cannot wait for October 21st when we will get to hear all of Hunted the new Khemmis album coming out on 20 Buck Spin.

khemmis                                    Khemmis – Hunted (track featured is Candlelight)

Alright this next one isn’t a single or a demo its actually an EP but I really dig it so I’m including it. It is Voidspawn – Pyrrhic which you may notice that the name of the band is also the name of a Chthe’ilist song. If you pick up on that you may wonder if Voidspawn also play incredibly weird super sick death metal, and you would be correct in thinking so. Pyrrhic features three tracks of out worldly death metal. Decibel Magazine had this to say about it: “These three songs will change the way you hear death metal from here on out.”  It is a very bold statement but I cannot say I disagree with it. I whole heartedly recommend this to fans of Gorguts, Nucleus, and  Chthe’ilist. Pyrrhic will be released on cd September 1st on Unspeakable Axe Records as well as cassette on a different label so stay tuned!

voidspawn                                                                  Voidspawn – Pyrrhic

I strongly urge you to hold up because there is even more weird death metal to talk about. Ossuary appear to be authentic death metal at first glance, which they still are completely authentic. They have thick riffs that really grab your attention, but the vocals are truly unique. They almost sound like they are being done from some kind of cave dwelling creature from within the walls of the cave they dwell in. The combined package of the riffs and inhuman vocals make something interesting that resembles something creeping in your backyard. Cremation Ritual is indeed a demo and a fantastic one at that featuring three tracks. If you like filthy death metal this is for you.

ossuary                                                      Ossuary – Cremation Ritual

A few years before Abusment Park was a thing Take Over And Destroy released Vacant Face which ended up being my album of the year for 2014. Now we are in 2016 and Take Over And Destroy have been signed to Prosthetic Records and will be releasing a new self-titled album on October 7th. The first single for this is “By Knife” which for those of you who have never heard this band, this track isn’t a bad place to start. Take Over And Destroy are a band of many different sounds from 70’s rock, death metal, sludge metal, and then some. “By Knife” features showcases their sound and has all the riffs with all the hooks as well as the twin guitar leads, and a really sweet guitar solo. If catchy and heavy music interest you than Take Over And Destroy are worth checking out. I can honestly say I’m incredibly pumped to hear the whole album and there aren’t many bands that sound like this one.

Bonus music video for By Knife:

take over self title                         Take Over And Destroy – self titled album song is “By Knife”

Demos and Singles

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