Night Work Begins

take over self titleTake Over And Destroy – Self titled (Prosthetic Records 2016)

I guess first thing to say about this album is if you think all heavy music should fit perfectly into a little box, then stop right here and use your time for something better. Take Over And Destroy draw influences from all over the spectrum. I have heard them referred to as sludge and “black n roll”.  The point is with this new self-titled full length, it’s hard to pin down one easy way to describe it. I for one find this to be a good thing. It is always great to see bands pushing boundaries, as well as themselves musically. For those familiar with Take Over And Destroy this is undeniably them.

The album starts out with “By Knife” which is also the first single released for this album. It was a good choice for first song as well as single. For a band with such diverse sound this is a track that has a bit of it all. It has the heavy riffs and vocals as well as some softer diabolical crooning vocals by vocalist Andrew Leemont. There is also an excellent guitar solo shared by both guitarist on this album Alex Bank Rollins and Nate Garrett. The next song we want to talk about is “Let Me Grieve” which also happens to be my personal favorite. It just has the catchiest opening guitar licks I have heard in a long time. The vocal performance in this is fantastic. This album is without a doubt the best vocal performance on any TOAD album in my opinion. The harsh vocals are excellent as well as the cleaner ones. I find there to be a perfect balance between the two. The one thing I can guarantee on this album is you have not heard an album like this, this year, or most likely ever. Take Over And Destroy isn’t without its hooks songs like “Separate from the Shadows”, “Job Coffins”, and “Bring me the Rope” will demand repeat listens as well as work their way inside of your brain. The song “Out of Frame” is also quite interesting with keyboard parts that sound like they were taken straight out of John Carpenters Christine. The last two tracks have incredible instrumental sections. The track “Love Among The Ruins” has some riff worship with nods to doom metal. Then of course one thing that can always be expected out of TOAD is a good album closer. The final track “Night Work Begins” continues this trend.

This is heavy music with hooks, riffs, guitar harmonies, and catchy choruses. The bands intentions were to release an album that was a collection of singles and I think they achieved it. Fans of this release are bound to have differing favorite songs that may change like the weather. Take Over And Destroy are one of a kind and I hope they continue to stay that way.


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Night Work Begins

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