Scorched Park Policy: an interview with Scorched


Scorched of Delaware have been making head way for a while now in the death metal underground. They have released of a Demo in 2015, a split with Putrisect, and a 4-way split with Gatecreeper, Homewrecker, and Outer Heaven. They have even garnered the approval of Trevor Strnad of the Black Dahlia Murder. With the new full length Echoes of Dismemberment coming out on November 25th, we knew we had to invite them to the Abusement Park. With us today we have guitarist Steve Fuchs and vocalist Matt Kapa.


What are your backgrounds in heavy music and what lead to the creation of Scorched?

Steve: I’ve loved playing heavy music for as long as I can remember. The creation of Scorched was a long time coming me and Kapa had wanted to start a death metal band for forever. What finally got me going with making a death metal band was one year’s Festivus at Kapa’s. He got to me and said “Steve when are you gonna write some riffs you poser?” and I was like “man, he’s right.”


What are the major influences on the sound of Scorched? Your music sounds and feels like a horror movie that we’re all okay with being a part of.

Steve: Morbid Angel and Suffocation. Matt can better explain the horror side of the band.

Matt: I honestly heard death metal on a local college radio station on a late Saturday show when I was about 12 haha

So many influences… all the classics of course as steve said like morbid angel, cannibal corpse…but also bands like Burial, Incantation, first few Unleashed albums, Autopsy…and some newer bands like Disma and Funebrarum.

Yes, we love horror and horror soundtracks. Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, John Carpenter, all great. We love all the classic series like Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th…but tons of other like The Burning, Driller Killer, the Toolbox Murders…we could go on and on haha (This also doubles as a recommendation list).

You guys single handedly got me into Unspeakable Axe Records, who I think we can all agree are killing it this year. How did you guys get hooked up with them?

Matt: Yeah Eric [Musall] kills it! All amazing bands. A good buddy of mine heard us and was super impressed and put in a good word for us. He got us in contact and here we are.

Steve: We owe a lot to Eric and Unspeakable Axe that dude has been very good to us

Okay so you guys are based out of Delaware, how did you end up with drummer Matt Izzi who is (if I’m not mistaken) from Ohio?

Matt: We had seen Homewrecker a ton of times and hung out with him and just hit it off. He was staying in PA for a while, only about a half hour from us and we had already been talking about forming the band and needed a drummer. He was all about it!

Steve: I met Izzi back in 2012 in Ohio playing with a hardcore band and we chilled and talked death metal a bit, after that I wanted to start a band with him. Here in Delaware, there’s really not too many drummers. Matt presented Scorched and Izzi was about to move to Philly, so I was like let’s get him on this shit. He used to love scrapple.

My friend and I secretly eat scrapple in Arkansas. It’s pretty good I’m not gonna lie.

Steve: It tastes really good the ingredients are pretty fucked though haha. We gotta include Mary’s country kitchen and that amazing scrapple sandwich in this interview. That’s good stuff.

There was some noticeable progression from the demo to the two splits, can we expect a continuation of that to the full length? Is there anything new that was tried on Echoes of Dismemberment?

Steve: I’d have to only say that every band changes over time hopefully for the good with all the new stuff we have a ton of room to do whatever we want because we do what we want to do.

That’s what’s cool about unspeakable axe.

Matt: So with Echoes we definitely kept the demo in mind while trying to push our creative boundaries. We try never to get stuck in some specific mold, but we also want to always stay true to who we are. Each track I feel we tried something we hadn’t before.

Steve: Plus just life in general as well. We all naturally pull music from what’s going on in life. But hell yeah to what Matt said we are always trying to do something we’ve never done before.

I absolutely agree that progression is important. I think you guys are heading in a great direction so far. I definitely see that the demo was kept in mind with the re-recording of “Scorched” from the Demo as well as “Autopsy Incomplete” from the 4-way split. What called for those two songs in particular to be re-recorded?

Steve: We have changed our guitar tunings a lot over the course of our recordings. The first stuff was in D whereas now we tune to B. The two songs we re-recorded just seemed to be the best with the new low tuning. We also added stuff to them. I have always thought a re-recording should have different things about it compared to the first recording


Since this is your first full length, how was the preparation and recording process different for this one when compared to the demo and the splits?

 Also the album cover looks like a movie poster. Could it be considered a concept album of sorts?

Steve: For the full length it went different than every other time because Izzi wasn’t in Delaware until like the last week before recording. We demoed our riffs and sent them to him. Izzi is a machine.

That’s the cover of the album, movie poster is what we were gonna for. It’s fitting for us.



You guys have had some notable guest stars in the past such as Tyler Carnes from Noisem. This time around it’s Matt Kilpatrick of Cemetery Filth and a familiar name from the demo Bethany Short. What did they contribute to the album?

And what is it with people named Matt being good making heavy music? Haha (there are Matt’s in Homewrecker, Scorched, Cemetery Filth, Gatecreeper, and etc.)

Matt: They did guest vocal spots

Haha that’s flattering!

Steve: I have a cousin named Matt, he can’t play any instruments

Are we keeping which songs they’re featured on a secret?

Matt: Sure, that’s more fun

Steve: Yeah like a movie, people ask questions about what’s gonna happen but all you have to do is pay attention to figure it out on your own.

What about after album release plans? Are there any plans for shows or cool merch?

Matt: No shows planned as of now. There will be at least one shirt released with the full length.

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Also what will Scorched be handing out for tricks and/or treats?

Steve: I don’t really eat sweets man. I’ll dress up as Buckethead or braveheart or some shit, and hand out candy at my place though. Beer for the adults (AKA Steveweisers).


The new Scorched LP Echoes of Dismemberment will be out on Unspeakable Axe Records November 25th. All fans of death metal need to have this release on their want list.


Order the Echoes of Dismemberment here from Unspeakable Axe Records, vinyl out on Dark Descent Records early 2017.

Give the new song “Rot in Confinement” a listen here  Digital pre-orders also available at that link.

Stream “Dealings of a Gruesome Kind” here

All the cool kids



Scorched Park Policy: an interview with Scorched

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