Tripper – Ancestral Wounds

TripperTripper – Ancestral Wounds

Looking at this release I was not sure what exactly I was going to get. The cover seems to have a church on it which immediately makes me think of black metal. The band name is what you would call somebody who regularly uses psychedelic drugs. The short song lengths make me think grind, which would be the best label for this release.

Judging by the short lengths of the songs, I was expecting very typical abrasive grindcore music, with blast beats, and all the usual works. And that certainly is the case in some parts because it stays true to the roots, but there is also much more to be had with this one.

The vocals on this release are not your typical grind vocals. They are guttural in some places while almost akin to black metal in other places. The vocals are definitely a highlight of this release.

I was expecting non-stop blasting throughout the entire release, but there is actually quite a bit of groove (as well as some blasting).  This can be heard in the track, “Substation” and the title track. There is also some pretty serious riffage that adds to the groove. This is music to throw down to.

Like I have said, this is not your typical grind release. I think it has quite a bit to offer with it’s blending of styles and varying grooves throughout. Ancestral Wounds has plenty of hooks that demand multiple listens, and due to it’s short length that is very easy to accomplish. In short, this does not suck.

Check out Ancestral Wounds here


Tripper – Ancestral Wounds

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