Attalla – Glacial Rule


Attalla – Glacial Rule (2017)

A glacier is a slow moving mass of ice. They are massive, dense, and move very slowly under their own weight. If that’s the case then Attalla have chosen the perfect name for their new full-length Glacial Rule.

The opening track is “Butte Des Morts” which is a lake in Wisconsin ,which is where Attalla are from. This translates to “the hill of the dead” it would appear that Attalla have found the best way to be inspired by their surrounding area, and that is by creating songs with massive riffs. “Butte Des Morts” is a fantastic opener. The first riffs are huge. The band has a lot of groove in this track where the drums work perfectly with the riff. It is guaranteed to get some people moving. My first impression of this band is they sound a bit like The Sword’s early work but perhaps a bit slower. The vocals are very stripped down and work great for this band. They have some grit in places and are very polished at other times. The more this album plays the more I like the vocals. The second track, “Ice Harvest” is the longest on the album and features some impressive lead work. Throughout the whole album there are just massive slow moving riffs that work well with the glacial theme. The album is full of groovy moments and shows a band that are on the same page. The band were once again clearly inspired by their homeland with “Devil’s Lake” which is another banger of a track as well as a shorter and faster one on this album. It is the perfect lead into the closing track. Which is the title track “Glacial Rule,” another massive track. These riffs have a “prehistoric might” and are the best on the album. The ones that come before just add to the journey of coming to the end of “Glacial Rule.” This album is a journey through an icy landscape that will be seen and felt. It is welcome to multiple listens. This album should call to fans of doom and massive riffs.


Glacial Rule releases on March 24th check it out on Bandcamp or at the Obelisk 

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Attalla – Glacial Rule